About Me

Though my life is not as much happening as say Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s I would still like to write about me and more so about the books I read, the adventure trips I make, office work (believe me its not boring), write essays and put not so beautiful photos of myself but the beautiful nature that surrounds us. And believe many of my observations might interest you and stimulate you to think from my perspective.

Let me first blabber about myself. I was born in Sagar, a place known for its lake, lot of Jain temples, sweet Bundelkhandi language and not to forget the Khoba ke Jalebi. That is it and I left Sagar when I was some 2 years old, my father transferred to MHOW. MHOW is a happening place, birth place to Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, India’s largest training center for Infantry having the office of Lieutenant General of the Army. Due to the presence of Army there is a better sense of cleanliness and discipline on MHOW. Also the people are more modern and punctual.

I did my schooling from Rajeshwar Vidyalaya, the best school in MHOW (seeing some eyebrows rising from other schools). The school was established in 1892 (yes 116 years old and counting) by some Christian Missionaries. As with all real convent schools the level of education and grooming was excellent. School was fun and I did a lot of debating and GK quizzes in the school. Humbly, I would say by 12th standard I was the best debater and GK quizzer in school with many awards in both these genres. On the flip side, sports were never my forte and I was just about average in them. Due to my good speaking skills I was made the News club president and was also offered the General Secretary of school which I refused citing reasons that I must study. A G Sec looks good on resume, I didn’t know that time.

In the final days of school I developed a taste for cricket for which I have a mixed feeling. It caused me to study in Govt Engg College Rewa. The little study I did made me clear PET. But I don’t regret it because Rewa taught me very beautiful lessons of life. Minus cricket I feel I would have cleared JEE or atleast got some NIT to study in. College life in Rewa was not that hectic for me as I did not participate in extra activities that most of the people liked to do. The time thus saved was put to use in learning English, politics, personality development and reading. I was initiated into study of Jainism by Elakshri Gosalsagarji with his little niyam of 3 pages per day. I liked reading and hence I read a lot from then. Machardani wali dadi was there to support me. We started having one hour discussion everyday in temple with many others attending. I will always be graceful to her for teaching me bit by bit. Here the engineering degree was useful and I could learn the maths part of it faster.

After college it was sudden change as my dream came true and I was in IIT Bombay doing Masters in Aerospace. Flying things always fascinated me. Dream came into a nightmare as the level of hardwork required in IIT is unimaginable. Effort to top in class in other colleges is barely sufficient to pass in IIT. Thanks to IIT life I can’t sit idle nor can I sleep before 2am. After the initial scare I was able to pass the examination with good marks. The extracurricular activities in IIT Bombay are endless - PAF, Techfest, MoodI, Debating club, music club etc etc and really etc. I did debating, some work in drama and then little leadership as Placement Nominee of IIT Bombay. Nominee post is most rememberable for it taught me how to keep cool when people are cursing you. You are playing with their jobs right, you get 10 times more curses then thanks.

After graduation from IIT I had a choice to do a job with TATAs but that was not challenging enough. The same my Professor had started a company (yes you can start your own private limited company inside IITs) in the field of computer simulations. I joined it. I feel proud I joined his dream. The software that we make has been developed for the first time in India (only developing country to have such software). These high tech softwares come under US sanctions and our defence nuclear laboratories cannot buy them. To emphasize the importance I can only reproduce the words of our beloved former President Kalam “The presence of Indigenous CFD software and large computing systems will greatly help in development of Launch Vehicles” (Last sentence of his book “Envisioning and Empowered Nation”). At Zeus Numerix Private Limited I am the Chief of Marketing and member of the core decision making group.

I had always liked to write from writing essays to publishing poems, so I decided share it with the world. I read a lot and on various topics (currently trying hands on medicine and astrophysics; both are really tough) so I thought of sharing my reading with others. Adventure trips are also good to write about and so is Jainism and science.

I dislike violence and hence I try to avoid using things that have any violence associated with it. Gaushala concept attracts me and hence a website was made to promote the cause of Jeevdaya. We do need more compassion towards living beings if we want to live in peace. Do read Jeevdaya and volunteer for a better Earth.

I wish you bon voyage through my site.

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