Why Some Countries Are Developed

I have a habit of thinking why some countries are developed and I could think of a few things that I plan to write here. First let me start with something I think original. All the countries that are developed or the so called G-8 members have two things in common. They work in their own national language (mother tongue) and females have ample freedom. The other thing common is corruption happens for doing something illegal and not for routine jobs that should anyways be done. The people in general are disciplined. All of them are product and export based economies. Mutual trust is high among people. All of them are scientific hubs.


Female Factor

Well for those who know Sanskrit two of the sayings were very famous. 1. Mother and Motherland are more respectable than heaven. 2. Where females are worshipped, gods live at that place. When I see America, Japan, Russia, Germany and other developed countries you will find all of them respect their mother tongue and females in general. Sex ratio is not as skewed as it is in India. They are not shameless to kill their unborn girls nor are they ashamed of speaking their own language. Our sone ki chidiya bharat also started deteriorating when we started denigrating our females under the influence of different cultures and started thinking everything foreign is better. Reading Purana granths you can see pages after pages description of young females, her body, her demeanor before her father starts thinking of marriage. There is no room for child marriage in our belief. Also it was female’s choice to marry a man. When Sita married Ram, she chose him after a test and also she was an adult. Did we forget our culture?



All the developed countries have people who are disciplined and follow the general law. We Indians on the other hand are very happy to break the queue, put our vehicle in a small gap so as to close the way for others who were in lane and then prompt others to break the lane. This sets up a chain of blocking and we instead of reaching earlier by our maneuvers collectively delay all including ourselves. The same lack of general discipline prompts us to spit on the road, pay bribes to traffic policeman, steal electricity etc. I suggest that everyone read the book “Games Indians Play” By V Raghunathan. It really answers the question how we are privately smart but publicly foolish. Get your own copy it’s not very expensive.


Product Economies

It’s always risky but more rewarding to make a product. Products can sell in numbers while services have to scale to scale up the business. If we see the developed countries all have products which are top of the world in the segment. You can swear by American aerospace, German automobile, Japanese electronics, Italian designs and so on. Even things like cold drinks are productized and made to sell in huge numbers. The concept of product is missing in the whole of developing world. Most of the products that come out are cheap imitations of world class. Innovation is the key and that is what is missing in us.



I wrote a separate article on the issue. But the ecosystem that these countries provide for generating new businesses is excellent. In India itself of we compare the states; the ones with more redtape are the ones who are lagging behind economically. This however does not mean that in India entrepreneurship is impossible; it’s just that we are opening up to the idea of non-government or non TATA/Birla jobs.


Research and Development

What powers any product development or entrepreneurship is innovation. Innovation does not mean invention; it just means making things or processes better. At the back of the innovation is R&D. Every developed country has atleast one particular area where they are very good at R&D. Those R&D labs then fuel new products or innovative ideas that transform into business and hence wealth. Here I have seen many people saying “This has not been done in America even”. There is no shame in saying that we don’t wish to do high quality R&D and we will imitate the products only not make new ones


The Way Out

Fortunately we are not left out in the race too much. We can catch up. There has to be attitudinal change and that has to come from the top (no not politicians). People from IITs, IIMs, A grade colleges in engineering and management should open companies. These are the people who can easily take a path of entrepreneurship. If they fail their degrees will get them better paying jobs, what’s the big deal. The experience they get is unmatched. We need more ecosystems like SINE IIT Bombay to nurture these talented babies.


We Indians are very resilient, once cornered; we can fire back with grit. Once we have a company to run and it requires innovation we will do it. This will lead to generation of wealth that can then be diverted to product development. It is not easy but then who becomes successful by treading an easy path.


Let’s take the laborious path but let’s show our grit and determination to change things. Indians made the supercomputer when the Americans denied it and Washington post wrote “Angry Indians do it” To end, I would use legendary Dr R A Mashelkar’s words “LETS BE PERMANENTLY ANGRY”