My Parents

Shri Virendra Kumar Jain & Smt Sulochana Jain (parents) ; so happy to have a son like me

My father is a senior auditor in defense accounts department. He is a very cool person and likes to spend good amount of time doing religious works. He has studied a lot and this is the reason for his pure language, an effect which we all inherited from him. Literature was always very near to him and his letters that he wrote to people were always kept safe by people for future reading. I remember the letters he wrote to me when I was studying. As he is a master words craftsman, so is he a great disciplinarian. I still remember the 1-2 beatings I got in childhood for disrespecting guests in our house or using unparliamentary words.

He is a good explainer of things and people used to flock him to get ideas about writing something or preparing debates. Ironically he never helped us in writing that used to annoy us very much though now we understand that he wanted us to develop our own thought process. He used the stick rarely but that was not we feared as much as a session of logical questions answers with him, when he will take us for a walk after a mistake. I still feel self shame is much worse than getting beaten by a rod.

He always inculcated in us the habit of acquiring knowledge and he just showed us the proof by his boxful of books. We all got a habit of reading books and on an average we siblings are better informed due to this. We still cherish the moments when we all siblings would sit together and my father would narrate stories to us mostly religious. Sudarshan sethís story no matter how many times we heard from him was always a music to ears. And this saved us from the idiot box. We had no cable and Doordarshan viewing was also regulated. He kept all of us busy in the evening (excepting his news hour) and there was always something to be learnt.

If it is said mother is the first teacher I can vouch for it a thousand times. My mummy is so sweet and caring. In retrospect whatever I am it is because of her. She would scold us to study, feed us with whatever we liked, run after us leaving us her work to see we are properly dressed and the list is endless. She still will not feed us food that is cold even if she has to cook 4 different times for 4 different people. Her fetish for cleanliness was many times annoying but we had to comply as logic was on her side. To make us study she has to really toil hard. Sometimes make us sit in her lap, make us write; promise us pooris after we do our homework. We had to go to temple before we would get our breaker. This habit really helps in tough times when you are outside your home. Itís only God who is with you when are alone. Vices are not able to touch you then.

When almost all females were outside in the evening chatting she would be with us supervising. She sacrificed a lot of entertainment or social gathering so that we were not left all alone. She is a master manager of money. With my fatherís honest earning she would manage the house so nicely that still people wonder how. She is also a very good broomstick beater. Donít dare to make a mistake when she has a broom in hand. We fondly remember the good food we ate after the broom therapy. She has shaped us so well that now we feel happy about all those brooms that caused a temporary mark on our backyard but a permanent mark on our behavior. It just reminds that poot kapoot ho sakta hai but mata kumata nahin ho sakti (son can be bad but not mother).